Function MQ_json

If you want to get access to the JSON data that was loaded from RabbitMQ (for plugins that interact with messages that are going to be sent) and/or with the JSON data that is going to be published to RabbitMQ (for plugins that want to modify incoming messages), you can call the MQ_json() function.

This function returns a "struct fjson_object". This is a pointer to a data from the >a href="">libfastjson library. If you want to work with this data pointer, you therefore also need access to this JSON handling library.

 *  Retrieve JSON data from a message
 *  @param  message the message to retrieve the JSON from
 *  @return json    pointer to the JSON object
struct fjson_object *MQ_json(MQ_Message *message);

For more information on how to work with the JSON structure, please check the documentation of the libjson library: