MailerQ downloads

The easiest way to install MailerQ is by using one of our repositories. You can then use the regular software management tools of your operating system to install MailerQ. However, if you want to get direct access to the MailerQ packages, you can download them here.

MailerQ 5.13.4

MailerQ 5.12.0

MailerQ 5.11.1

MailerQ 5.10.1

MailerQ 5.9.1

MailerQ 5.8.5

MailerQ 5.7.0

MailerQ 5.6.5

MailerQ 5.5.0

MailerQ 5.4.0

MailerQ 5.3.2

MailerQ 5.2.0

MailerQ 5.1.1

MailerQ 5.0.2

MailerQ 4.4.1

MailerQ 4.3.1

MailerQ 4.2.9

MailerQ 4.1.0

MailerQ 4.0.3

MailerQ uses libjit, which is licensed under LGPL, that requires us to offer a shared-linked version of MailerQ too. If you are looking for this shared link version, please check our deb or rpm server directly.

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