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MailerQ is a high performance Mail Transfer Agent (MTA), designed to deliver large volumes of email messages at very high speeds.

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Why MailerQ?

MailerQ is not only fast and flexible, but also the perfect on-premise solution for email delivery software.


Many email solutions require you to send your customer data to third parties. Install & configure MailerQ on your own server and keep your business data secure.


MailerQ is fast. Its sole purpose is to send emails. Storing, queuing and prioritizing messages is done in a separate AMQP message broker.


MailerQ gives you full control over queued messages. Monitor email delivery and intervene when necessary. Prioriziting and routing messages has never been easier.


MailerQ comes packed with features right out of the box to improve your email deliverability.

Email throttling

Automatically limit the amount of attempts, connections and number of messages over a single SMTP connection.

Automatic retries

Messages that cannot be delivered are retried automatically. The interval between retries increases with every retry.

DKIM support

Store your private keys in the database or add them using the MailerQ management console.


Results are published back to RabbitMQ so your app can retrieve & process these results.

Domain limits

Specify from which IPs an email can be sent. If the first IP is unavailable, emails are then sent from the next available IP.


Send messages from one instance to another through SMTP when MailerQ instances are placed in sequence.


Allow multiple MailerQ instances communicate through a shared message queue in a clustered setup.

Grouped domain

MailerQ recognizes domains that use the same mail servers and groups them automatically.


MailerQ uses RabbitMQ for queuing messages. Adding filters allows you to have full control over queued messages.

Looking for a hosted solution instead?

Would you rather not get your hands dirty with installing, configuring and hosting MailerQ yourself? SMTPeter might be something for you. SMTPeter is a cloud-based SMTP server for fast and secure email delivery, based on MailerQ.

Learn more about SMTPeter

Responsive Email algorithm

The algorithm behind the web service is embedded in MailerQ. MailerQ can turn JSON formatted email content into fullblown responsive emails that work on all email clients and mobile devices. Read more...

Management console

MailerQ comes with a web-based management console, where you adjust deliverability settings on the go. Monitor real-time performance of your IP addresses, reroute emails to other IP addresses or set up flood patterns to react to server responses.

Real-Time statistics Per domain performance SMTP monitoring

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