Why senders choose MailerQ

Deliver and monitor millions of emails per hour with granular control and superb insights.



MailerQ is designed with a strong focus on performance. Thanks to message queueing in memory and a multi-threaded non-blocking architecture, a single MailerQ instance can easily handle thousands of messages per second.



Five different injection methods, plugin support, REST API and use of open source components like RabbitMQ and MySQL/PostgreSQL make MailerQ a highly flexible email sending solution. You can organize, control and monitor groups of messages on any level of detail using tags. Additionally you are able to integrate all this data into your own systems using the JSON result objects.

Cutting edge

Cutting edge

MailerQ comes packed with functionality necessary for every serious sender. Working together with our customers and industry leaders allow us continuously bring out the latest and most relevant improvements. This empowers our users to stay ahead of the market and maximize their email delivery operations.

Us Them
Send millions of emails per hour from a single server
Pause or cancel a selection of your ongoing deliveries using REST API
Extremely fast message injection using AMQP
Add and configure IP addresses on your server without a reboot
Sending configuration stored in an accessible SQL database
Fully featured web-based Management Console included for free

MailerQ is a high-performance on-premise Mail Transfer Agent built for sending and controlling large volumes of email. It is built with a strong focus on performance, ease-of-use and insight. The MTA comes packed with an intuitive Management Console and functionality necessary for every serious sender to retain and improve their sender reputation and deliverability rates. That’s why it's increasingly becoming the preferred solution of choice for senders of all kinds, from Email Service Providers and e-commerce platforms to banks and government institutes.

Ease of use

No need to modify configuration files to set up delivery policies. With MailerQ, all deliverability settings - such as delivery rates, IP warmup schedules, message reroutes, IP pools and adaption to server responses - are stored in a relational (SQL) database and can be modified on the fly from an intuitive web-based Management Console. This can be done either for an individual instance or for an entire cluster of MailerQ MTAs, depending on your setup.

With MailerQ, you can easily get insights into your real-time performance and change your settings on-the-fly without having to touch any configuration files.


A higher volume sender typically wants to know exactly what's going on and integrate that information into local dashboards without being restricted to certain endpoints or limited log data. Besides the Management Console which provides extensive insight into real-time deliveries, MailerQ provides all the result data per delivery in JSON format, including an attempts chain and any other result property you deem relevant. This data can be processed and incorporated within your own monitoring tools like Grafana or an ELK-stack, enabling you to inspect results on any level of granularity including customer, campaign, recipient domain, MTA IP, bulk/transactional and so forth.

With MailerQ, you have access to all data and organized results which you are able to integrate and use with your own systems.

MailerQ insights


Large senders usually want to control their sending configuration from start to finish with the aim to manage the reputation of your own IPs yourself. MailerQ allows you to define exactly how messages should be sent from your IPs or IP pools to certain ISPs, what to do when they complain, how to classify bounces and how to adapt sending behaviour accordingly.

On top of controlling deliveries on the level of IP(-pool) and recipient ISP, with MailerQ you get an extra message selection parameter: tags. With tags, you can organize deliveries into a campaign, customer, type of message, priority - basically anything you would like. You can add as many tags to a message as you want. This allows you to, for example, monitor, pause, fail, or reroute any individual delivery or group of deliveries meeting certain conditions in real time. Accidentally sent out a campaign? Just cancel it in MailerQ! Does some ongoing high-profile delivery need to be rerouted over a different group of IPs? No problem!

With MailerQ, you get superior control over your entire email operations.

What our customers are saying about us

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MailerQ allows us to send much higher volumes at a lower price, be more compliant with ISPs’ requirements, generate very detailed feedback and protect our network and deliverability.
Wojtek Ptak, CTO
Email bidding
One of the major benefits of MailerQ is the fact that managing the system can be done with a friendly interface instead of using the terminal to plunge through endless config files.
Sérgio Cunha, Senior Integrations Specialist
The elaborate dashboards provide us instant visibility which allow us to proactively monitor and manage deliverability.
Karen Connelly, Head of Data & Email Deliverability
Getting started with MailerQ was pretty easy. We did some preparation work to get ready for production, but to get it going was very easy.
Diego Noya, CTO
We have been able to significantly reduce our hardware and maintenance costs whilst simultaneously increasing our monthly traffic.
Teemu Hemmilä, Lead Systems Engineer