User guide

Sending policy

Email Throttling

Limit the number of connections and delivery rates for specific domains.

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Email Throttling Schedules

Create schedules to automatically increase the number of messages sent to domains over time.

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Flood Patterns

Automatically override the default throttle settings when an error is encountered.

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Response Patterns

Run actions based on responses received by MailerQ after sending a message.

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Rewrite Rules

Rewrite message properties directly after consumption from RabbitMQ, before any processing by MailerQ.

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Delivery interception

Suppression List

Prevent unnecessary connections to bad destinations that have shown to be harmful.

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Paused Deliveries

Manually pause deliveries based on an MTA IP, domain or tag.

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Forced Errors

Trigger an error for certain messages based on a domain or tag.

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IP Pools

Organize your IPs for different uses, such as shared and dedicated pools for clients, pools for transactional or bulk mailings, and so on.

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