MailerQ Webhook

MailerQ-Webhook is a utility script to simplify setting up the technology stack consisting of HttpCaller and AmqpHttp. When you run the webhook script, these applications will be automatically configured and started, and all relevant queues are automatically created in RabbitMQ.


The application is stored in our APT repository. If you have already enabled our APT repository, you can install it with this command:

sudo apt install mailerq-webhook

Quick start

Our webhook package is designed to provide a simple way to get started. After you install the webhook package you simply run 'mailerq-webhook', which will prompt you for the url to send the hooks to. It will then read out your mailerq configuration to setup both amqphttp and httpcaller and initialize all resources it needs.


The script assumes you have already installed mailerq, and that the full MailerQ configuration is stored in /etc/mailerq/config.txt.

Manual setup

You can also do everything by hand. Please check out the documentation for the individual tools: