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What is MailerQ

State-of-the-art email delivery engine

MailerQ is a high-performance on-premise Mail Transfer Agent (MTA) for delivering millions of emails per day. It is built with a strong focus on performance, ease-of-use, and insights. The MTA comes packed with an intuitive Management Console, REST API, and other functionality necessary for every serious sender to retain and improve their sender reputation and deliverability rates. That's why it's increasingly becoming the preferred solution of choice for senders of all kinds, from Email Service Providers and e-commerce platforms to banks and government institutes.

The most powerful MTA

MailerQ comes packed with features right out of the box to improve your email deliverability.

Real-time monitoring

The management console allows for real-time insights in delivery attempts and results, queues, error logs and a lot more per MTA, IP, target and even per customer, campaign or message type.

Advanced volume control

With email throttling you can decrease or increase your sending speed by specifying the maximum message volumes, the number of connections, the timeouts and more per inbox provider.

Feedback processing

Response patterns allow you to classify bounces, process feedback loops and adapt MTA behavior based on server responses. This will help you maximize your email deliverability and sender reputation.

IP Warm-up

Email throttle schedules allow you to define warm up trajectories by creating schedules that describe what delivery rates to use on which day. This ensures you get the most out of your new IP addresses.

Authentication & security

MailerQ supports DKIM, SPF, DMARC, TLS and as the first MTA ever also ARC (Authenticated Received Chain) methods for email authentication.

Quick interference

You can monitor SMTP connections and error logs and easily pause deliveries or throw errors for specific IPs, targets, customers, campaigns or message types.

Management console

MailerQ comes with a web-based management console, where you adjust deliverability settings on the go. You can use this dashboard if you do not want to connect to the database. The management console also allows you to monitor the real-time performance of your deliveries and IPs, reroute emails to other IP addresses or set up flood patterns to react to server responses.

With MailerQ, you don't just get an email sending powerhouse.

You get a dedicated partner with over 15 years of experience, ready to help you bring your email operations to the next level.

Trusted by senders of all sizes

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MailerQ allows us to send much higher volumes at a lower price, be more compliant with ISPs’ requirements, generate very detailed feedback and protect our network and deliverability.
Wojtek Ptak, CTO
Email bidding
One of the major benefits of MailerQ is the fact that managing the system can be done with a friendly interface instead of using the terminal to plunge through endless config files.
Sérgio Cunha, Senior Integrations Specialist
The elaborate dashboards provide us instant visibility which allow us to proactively monitor and manage deliverability.
Karen Connelly, Head of Data & Email Deliverability
Getting started with MailerQ was pretty easy. We did some preparation work to get ready for production, but to get it going was very easy.
Diego Noya, CTO
We have been able to significantly reduce our hardware and maintenance costs whilst simultaneously increasing our monthly traffic.
Teemu Hemmilä, Lead Systems Engineer