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MailerQ | The most powerful MTA

Are your email operations managed by the Message Systems MTA Momentum, and are you looking for a different solution? Look no further.

MailerQ enables you to manage a powerful on-premise SMTP server. Our easy-to-use Management Console provides real-time insights in all traffic going through MailerQ and enables you to control an extensive set of deliverability settings on the fly. With MailerQ messages never have to touch a disk, so you can say goodbye to your expensive hardware and start delivering with higher performance with more low-cost servers.

"Momentum has shifted into the cloud-based solution SparkPost. Prefer an in-house email solution? Consider MailerQ."

With MailerQ you get:

MailerQ Momentum
A highly scalable messaging platform
Continuously developed on-premise solution
Optimal deliverability control
Dedicated integration assistance
Maximum performance due to RAM-only architecture

Our team of integration experts is ready to assist you during set-up and implementation.

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It's time to change

We understand that your MTA is an important and integrated part of your business, replacing your old MTA has never been easier with MailerQ, with our team of engineers and MTA integration specialists we will reduce risks involved in replacing your old infrastructure and provide you with cutting edge technology. If there ever was a time for a replacement, it is now. We have a better alternative!

MailerQ is fast due to its non-blocking architecture. Emails don't pile up just because there is one slow receiving server. MailerQ will use multiple threads to maximize your sending potential and make every bit of email sending process as smooth as possible.

Furthermore, MailerQ tries to skip the slowest part of your servers: the hard drive by using RabbitMQ queue for queuing emails. Since, RabbitMQ stores it's queues inside RAM memory (the fastest memory on your server) it serves emails lightning fast.

You can install MailerQ and send huge volumes without the need for big investments in hardware or disks. With our alternative solution you can shut down most of your old MTA machines because of MailerQ's better performance.

MailerQ is flexible. It uses message queues and JSON, giving you full control over your email flow. With this alternative you can monitor and intervene when necessary. Prioritizing and routing has never been easier.