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Changing your MTA is a decision not easily made. We understand that. Looking for an alternative MTA takes time. We are here to answer your questions and take away possible concerns. That's why we offer guidance, even adjustments are possible if that helps you to switch MTAs smoothly.

Could you tell us a bit about your business, how many emails you (plan to) send on a daily/monthly basis, and what mailing platform you're currently using (if applicable)?

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What our users say

One of the major benefits of MailerQ is the fact that managing the system can be done with a friendly interface instead of using the terminal to plunge through endless config files.
SĂ©rgio Cunha, Senior Integrations Specialist
We have been able to significantly reduce our hardware and maintenance costs whilst simultaneously increasing our monthly traffic.
Teemu Hemmilä, Liana Technologies
With MailerQ we have gained full control over our e-mail delivery without sharing data of our clients with third parties. Superb e-mail delivery is essential for the community platform that we are building, and that is exactly what got.
Frederik Bosch, Partner at Genkgo
We regained flexibility and are able to send out thousands of messages per minute without the need to micromanage our sending efforts.
Ralph van Asperen, Repper