MailerQ beats every MTA in performance and easily matches it in features

An alternative to PowerMTA

Validation mechanisms

MailerQ PowerMTA
Spam Assassin

Delivery parameters

MailerQ PowerMTA
Domain MTA and IP based rates
Support for per-message overrides
SMTP reply pattern matching
Configurable deferral periods

MIME handling

MailerQ PowerMTA
Header insertion/modification
CSS stylesheet to attributes
JSON to MIME conversion
DKIM and ARC message signing

Injection mechanisms

MailerQ PowerMTA
Pickup directory
Command Line Interface
Message compression before sending

Management console

MailerQ PowerMTA*
Real time overview
Live SMTP traffic monitor
Live logfile monitor
Delivery settings
Automatic recognition of domain groups
Pause and resume campaigns based on message tags
* The PowerMTA management console is only available from version 3.5 with a separate license.

Supported SMTP extensions

MailerQ PowerMTA
DNS handling

Incoming messages

MailerQ PowerMTA
DMARC report handling
DSN handling
Local address database

Advanced settings

MailerQ PowerMTA
Support for clustering and chaining
Smarthost support
C/C++ plugin API

It's time to change

We understand that your MTA is important for your business and that it is not an easy decision to make.
However, if there ever was a time for a replacement, it is now. We have a better alternative.

MailerQ is fast cause of it's non-blocking architecture. Emails don't pile up just cause there is one slow receiving server. MailerQ will use multiple threads to maximize your sending potential and make every bit of email sending process as smooth as possible.

Furthermore, MailerQ tries to skip the slowest part of your servers: the hard drive by using RabbitMQ queue for queuing emails. Since, RabbitMQ stores it's queues inside RAM memory (the fastest memory on your server) it serves emails lightning fast.

You can install MailerQ and send huge volumes without the need for big investments in hardware or disks. With our alternative solution you can shut down most of your old MTA machines because of MailerQ's better performance.

MailerQ is flexible. It uses message queues and JSON, giving you full control over your email flow. With this alternative you can monitor and intervene when necessary. Prioritizing and routing has never been easier.

MailerQ is competitive. It beats every MTA in performance and pricing, and it has all the features that you could find in alternative MTAs.

Get started with MailerQ

Just follow the MailerQ installation guide to get MailerQ up and running on your own computer or on a server.

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We are here for you

Changing your MTA is a decision not easily made. We understand that. Looking for an alternative MTA takes time. We are here to answer your questions and take away possible concerns. That's why we offer guidance, even adjustments are possible if that helps you to switch MTAs smoothly.