About MailerQ

MailerQ is made, maintained and supported by Copernica

Who is behind MailerQ?

Copernica's CTO and co-founder Emiel Bruijntjes originally created MailerQ because he was not impressed by the existing open source MTA solutions. Copernica needed a straightforward, easy to configure and scalable alternative. Although it was never the intention to commercialize the MTA, MailerQ turned out to be so much better than the open source and commercial alternatives, that it was decided to offer it to other companies too.

Copernica was founded in 2000 by Michael Linthorst and Emiel Bruijntjes and is based in Amsterdam.

Michael Linthorst

Michael Linthorst

CEO / co-founder

Fokke Dekker

Fokke Dekker

Customer success manager

Emiel Bruijntjes

Emiel Bruijntjes

CTO / co-founder

Rafal Goslawski

Rafal Goslawski

MTA specialist


Michael Linthorst and Fokke Dekker form MailerQ's commercial team. Most of our contacts are handled by Fokke. Although all Copernica developers are working on MailerQ. Rafal is in our operations team the first responsible for MailerQ. He reviews, tests and manages the MailerQ releases and helps customers and partners with setting up MailerQ.


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Get in touch with us!

  • Ruijterkade 112, 1011 AB Amsterdam, The Netherlands
  • +31 205 206 190
  • info@mailerq.com